Energy Work

We are made up of energy. Newtonian physics is best described as the physics most people are familiar with - the apple falling from the tree. Quantum physics is also equally accepted and defines energy as everything as particles in a field of particles vibrating. So it begins to look like what we think of in religion, that field of oneness where we are all part of a field.

Because we are part of a field and we are connected to each other in that field I can work with somebody in California, Florida, New York, or any part of the world and regenerate them instantaneously just as easily as I can work with someone in Minnesota and regenerate them instantaneously.

Western medicine acknowledges an energetic component in the physical body in measurable electrical currents of our hearts and brains documented by EKG/ECG’s, X-rays and MRI’s. This is another example of how energy allows us to connect instantly to each other. This is sometimes called intuition, telepathy or psychic ability. Human energy fields, or systems, are similar to the operations of the telegraph, radio, cell phones, wireless internet. The energy signal may not be radio signals or satellite data transmission but the results are tangible. In this state, we can effortlessly perform accurate energetic tests and corrections for ourselves.

Because we are all ‘one’ we can sense, connect to, and read the energy of others. Energy therapy is the practice of being sensitive to others’ energy.  I utilize techniques to clear the block that has weakened our energy. Things that used to bother you no longer bother you. Utilizing various energy healing methods, I will guide you to find and correct weakened, imbalanced or blocked energy, release and balance the systems, allowing the body to self-heal and self-regulate. Releasing the block brings you closer to who you were intended to be.  When energy is circulating freely within, our mind, body and spirit remain strong, fluid, stable and balanced. We collaborate with other medical professionals such as M.D., chiropractors, acupuncturists, dentists, and massage therapists, for complimentary therapies and diagnostic testing.

Energy Weaknesses can be caused by

  • Physical traumas such as, illnesses, structural misalignment
  • Exposure to toxicity, smells, places, seasons,
  • Thoughts, relationships, memories,
  • Lifestyle, finances
  • Belief’s and behavior patterns

Simple things can cause an energetic weakness, such as putting on your shoes, hearing your phone ring, a certain smell.

The triggers and causes that weaken the client can be identified and eliminated through Energy work utilizing transpersonal psychology.


Hi Sharon, thanks for the energy work and the mind calming exercises. I am truly amazed at the difference you made. My Colorado ski trip will now be very sweet. You are the best.
— Greg, CEO, Videographer/Editor