Breath Work

“By changing the pattern in your breathing, you can change the patterns in your life”

This Breathing Technique is a powerful tool ……..

  • Physically the breath is an opportunity to detoxify and to fully oxygenate every cell of your being promoting overall health and wellbeing.
  • Emotionally the breath enables integration of mind/body – to be honored, creating the space for a beautiful sense of peace to settle within.
  • Mentally the breath offers the chance to explore your deepest knowing and wisdom with clarity.
  • Spiritually, it unfolds differently and perfectly for everyone.


The Science of Breath:

  • Provides oxygen to the bloodstream and removes carbon dioxide.
  • Sound production (vocalization) as expired air passes over the vocal cords.
  • Assist in abdominal compressions during urination, defecation and childbirth.
  • Through coughing and sneezing, it acts as a component of a protection reflex.

Sharon offers private or group breath sessions in your home or at your office.

Sharon is a fantastic and gifted Breath for Health practitioner. I have been breathing with Sharon once or twice a week for almost a year now and the benefits are many: more energy, better focus, more joy, happiness and peace. I also feel and look younger (friends tell me). Every one owes it to themselves to experience Sharon’s guided Breath for Health session for a month to experience the full impact of this healing and energizing breath technique.
— S.B. CEO, Minneapolis, MN