"I Wish I Could Of Said GoodBye"

In her book, I Wish I Could of Said GoodBye", this local author, Kelly Huston Flaherty shows through beautiful words and illustration the power of Love and Guidance from Above.  The story tells of a classmate dying and a young boy's conversation with his mother about his confusion and sadness. This book has spiritual answers to the questions children and adults alike have in situations of a loved one or even an acquaintance passing; How can it happen so quickly, the relationship of guilt - not sure he was a good enough friend, where did his friend go, what does he/they do with this void. The Love and Guidance the mother gives in a light, rhythmic way shows the reader that we are not left alone and in stillness we can feel the Love and Peace from Angels above.

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Do You Know Where Your Frayed Wire Is?

As human beings we have an energy field, and our nervous system is aligned with this electrical current.

When you have a physical pain, feel scattered mentally or emotionally, there is a disruption in this alignment. By intuitively "tuning in" to your energy, the problem or disconnect, I clear the disconnectedness and reconnect the electrical current (your nervous system wiring)! 

Choosing Joy, Creating Abundance

Have you ever heard the saying, "Dream Big or Go Home"?  In her book, Choosing Joy, Creating Abundance, Author Ellen Peterson addresses how dreaming facilitates Prosperity. Until you Dare to Dream for what you want out of life and in life, there is nothing to aim for.  Dreams inspire a person to accomplish great things. "It is a universal desire to live a happy and content life".

To have is to dream first. We all have dreams, but how many of us believe there are limits to what you can truly have? Ellen discusses how You create what you believe to be true. If you believe you are limited in what you can obtain in life, whether it be food, clothes, housing, career, relationships, happiness, you are missing out. Also, she gives examples of what may be limiting factors as well as helps identify what prosperity means to you.

There is much awareness recently on simplifying and de-cluttering one's life.  Ellen addresses the role of chaos and order and how simplifying your life - less is more concept - creates order and, how order creates time, clears the mind of clutter, enhances one's emotionally health and makes room for desired good. Order Enriches Life.

In her book Choosing Joy, Creating Abundance, Integrity and the challenge of doing the Right Thing, words as a powerful tool, Giving and receiving, and Gratitude are discussed and bring awareness to the reader to help determine their path to abundance by having a more joyful life. 

This book is a good first, second or even third tool to raising one's consciousness for a healthier awareness and lightness for Abundance.

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Hello, and welcome to my new website. Over the last 30+ years I have researched, studied, experimented and incorporated several methods and techniques of Healing for myself, friends, family and clients.  By shifting Energy we have relieved physical ailments, emotional/mental confusion and brought clarity, healthy perception, rejuvenation, spiritual connectedness for alignment and renewed Life Balance and a sense of Wholeness. Mental awareness, physical movement. These are components to a healthy lifestyle. Through it all, the one thing that keeps us healthy is the Mental Ability to Heal all that ails.  

Personal interest in "healing" or "change" is the first step to relief of physical pain, mental confusion, emotional stress, and much more!  

Through my Blogs my goal is to inspire and empower clients and viewers with information and education on how you can have control of your Health and live your best Life.