About Sharon Kay

As a child Sharon was frequently descried as being “Exceptionally Sensitive”. This sensitive side brought me to a career in Nursing. As a nurse practicing in a Western Medicine clinic she made a conscious decision to learn as much as possible about the integrative Holistic approach as I had leaned while interning and working in different, but similar settings in Washington State. 
In retrospect, these are both exactly what Sharon has always known she was drawn to do.  

The return to Minnesota brought me back to the Western Model of Healing. All the while Sharon continued on her search or alternative medicine. She studied many different Holistic techniques including Chinese medicine, acupressure, trigger point therapy, reflexology, psychic and spiritual teachings and healing methods as well as becoming a Universal Life Minister, a Certified Natural Health Practitioner and Life Coach.  Any one of these or a combination is used in a client Energy Healing Therapy session.   

She enjoys cycling, boating, swimming and water sports, hiking, runs with her dog companion Riley, and is an active ACE certified Personal Fitness Trainer. Sharon is also a Certified Natural Health Practitioner utilizing naturopathic methods of coaching nutritionally and Energetically. For the past 20+ years Sharon has studied Chinese Medicine and multiple Healing techniques out of which Sharon has created a Method of Energy Therapy that aligns her clients of Body-Brain-Mind-Spirit. This alignment brings Balance and Truth to their life in all aspects, it relieves physical, mental and emotional pain for a more enhanced all over Health. All of Sharon's work is done through the Energy of the Spine (Where we hold our physical, mental and spiritual essence) . The spine is our connection to life and breath and holds all truth and the essence of each individual. Through trauma, injury, belief systems, patterns, memories, our bodies can become confused as to our Truth. 

The Brain/spine connection is significant in the overall well-being of a person. A head concussion is an example of how the energy of the brain can become disconnected not only from the mind, creating difficult mental (perhaps memory) processing but also a disconnect to the body - whether it is nerves, an organ such as the heart, lungs, or blood, and spirit creating emotional and physical pains. Sharon is able to connect to that person to realign the client's energy fields and alleviate their pain.  She offers tools for her clients to use to aid in shifting energy for a way to maintain these alignments and bring health, happiness and clarity for her clients. 


Contact Sharon 

Phone:   612.799.7859



Where are sessions held?  

Sharon provides services in your home or office, although the majority of her Energy Healing Therapy Sessions are done remotely over the phone or as Distant Healing.  Since we know energy flows through time, space, matter, as trained professional Sharon is able to “tune in” to others energy to help identify and clear what is bothering them whether they are far or near.   

How many people can participate in a healing session? 

Private, family, friend, colleagues, neighbors, as many as are open to and allowing for healing to occur. Depending on the need, most clients appreciate the private session for one-on-one feedback and clarification of the Healing process for their specific request. 

What is remote Healing Energy Therapy?

Remote Healing is another option to in person therapy.

Also known as distance healing, this method is actually similar to that of an in-person session. Sharon is able to “tune in” to the energy of the person on the other end of the phone and facilitates the shifting of the client’s energy to remove physical, mental or emotional issues and bring the person’s energy into balance with their highest potential.


How many people can participate in a Pilates session?  

Sharon offers private or duet sessions in her Excelsior, MN home studio where clients enter into a private healing space where movement, breath and Healing are integrated therapies. With any given Pilates/movement session, a minimum of 15 minutes, and more often 30 minutes is part of the hour Integrated Therapies Session.

What Days and Times are available for scheduling appointments? 

Sharon is available Tuesday – Friday 10:30-3:30 with earlier, later or weekend sessions scheduled per individual needs as requested. Always ask for the day and time that is best for you and in most cases they will be accommodated. 

How much time should I plan for a session?

Sessions vary depending on your needs. Remote Sessions or quick questions via email or text are able to be addressed in as little as 15 minutes or less.  Sharon offers session times of 15, 30 and 60 minutes.  Special arrangements can be made for 2 hours or longer time.




With the understanding of the flow of Energy, Sharon's practice has evolved into mainly remote or Distant Healing. Sessions are also scheduled for client home or work settings.